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Olympus FL30 Tough HVAC, Dust, Fume, Extractor And Ventilation Stow And Flow Ducting 300mm

Olympus JetFlow FL30EX Tough Explosion Proof Dust And Fume Extractor / Ventilator Fan Ducting 300mm

Olympus JetFlow OLY-C30/110 Dust And Fume Extractor Ventilator Fan 300mm 3600m3/hr 110V~50Hz

Olympus JetFlow OLY-C30/220 Dust And Fume Extractor Ventilator Fan 300mm 3600m3/hr 240V~50Hz

Olympus JetFlow OLY-CEX30/110 Explosion Proof Dust And Fume Extractor / Ventilator Fan 300mm 110V~50Hz

Olympus JetFlow OLY-CEX30/220 Explosion Proof Dust And Fume Extractor / Ventilator Fan 300mm 240V~50Hz

VF300 Dust And Fume Extractor Fan 300mm 3600m3/hr Dual Voltage 110V/240V~50Hz

VF400 Dust And Fume Extractor Fan 400mm 6300m3/hr Dual Voltage 240V / 110V~50Hz



Ventilation And Extraction Fan 300mm 110V and 240V~50Hz




Extraction and Ventilation:

The Olympus JetFlow OLY-C30 110v and 220v~50Hz 300mm ventilation, dust and fume extractor / ventilator fan is designed to give the greatest possible performance and reliability. Suitable for even the most demanding industrial, construction and workshop applications. Housed within the 1.5mm high grade powder coated steel bodies are powder coated metal sickle fan blades, designed to maximize airflow and pressure. The Olympus JetFlow OLY-C30 are driven by powerful aluminium cased fan motors that keep weight to a minimum and the product also has tough rubber feet mountings and handle. The Olympus JetFlow OLY-C30 is compact, rugged, reliable and built to last.

The powerful ventilation fans can deliver up to 3600 m³/hr at 300pa making them ideal for ventilation, extraction of dust/fumes and fresh air supply down 10 meters of tough ducting. The Olympus Jetflow fans are designed for industries such as pharmaceutical, tunnel ventilation, sewage, drainage, automobile manufacturing, factories, basements, shipyards, farms, grain storage, chemical, auto repair workshops, logistics centres, hotels ventilation, hotel kitchen, tobacco, playground ventilation, shopping centres, bars, kilns, steel works, mining, plastic machinery and paper mills and other ventilation project.

Available in either 110v or 240v and with an optional 10m of flexible fire retardant ducting fitted either side. The Olympus JetFlow range are also available in explosion proof (CXE) versions for the most extreme environments.


Key Product Features:


  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Supply: 110v (comes with fitted plug)
  • Running Current: 110v 4 amps 
  • Airflow: 3600m³/hr
  • Static Pressure: 343pa
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 37cm x 40cm
  • GTIN: 5060552030004 

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