Industrial electric heaters
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Industrial Electric Heaters

Blue Giant Series FF3T Industrial Heater 3Kw / 12000Btu
Kroll E3 3kw 230v 1phase Electric Heater With Thermostat
5KW Industrial Space Heater
The Big Red Rad - 3kw Industrial Radiant Heater
Blue Giant Series FF13T Industrial Ducted Heater 13.9Kw / 42000Btu
Kroll E8 8kw 400v 3phase electric heater with thermostat
9KW Industrial Space Heater
Kroll E12 12kw 400v 3phase Electric Heater With Thermostat
Red Giant FF20T Industrial Heater
20Kw / 66000Btu


Arcotherm Jumbo Indirect Oil Fired Heaters


The Jumbo Indirect Oil Fired Heaters are space heaters with a  thermostat control. With the option of adding a 2 Way or 4 Way Splitter spigot for ducting, the Jumbo space heater can be ducted up to 160m from the heater. The Jumbo does not have an integral fuel tank, and requires connection to a remote fuel source. The unit has a fan only option to introduce ambient air when required.

Arcotherm Jumbo 200 Indirect Oil Fired Heater 198kW / 675000Btu

Key Product Features:

  • 152 kw to 200 kw
  • Can be thermostatically controlled
  • Two or Four-Way ducting option available
  • Can be ducted up to 160 meters
  • Runs from remote Fuel Tank


Heating Capacity 198kW / 675000Btu/hr
Weight 360Kg
Dimensions 1500mm x 985mm x 2235mm
Airflow 12500m / hr
Fuel Consumption 18.6 Litres / hr
Hose Length up to 160 m
Hose Diameter 700mm
Tank Capacity N/A
Starting Current (230v) 74.00 Amps
Running Current (230v) 14.80 Amps


Heating Capacity 152kW / 518000Btu/hr
Weight 250Kg
Dimensions 1330mm x 905mm x 1945mm
Airflow 10500m / hr
Fuel Consumption 14.7 Litres / hr
Hose Length up to 160 m
Hose Diameter 600mm
Tank Capacity N/A
Starting Current (230v) 52.50 Amps
Running Current (230v) 10.50 Amps

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