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Why Air conditioning Condensing Units Need Clearance


Air conditioning condensate units are often mounted directly on the ground to save money or the engineer installing the unit lack of knowledge. The problem with mounting a air conditioning condensing unit directly on the floor is that when the weather turns cold the units performance is inhibited because it can not get rid of its defrost water when on heating. Most condensing units require at least 100mm clearance to clear the drain off and to reduce freezing up of the drain points. The eventual consequence of incorrect clearance is that the drain points ice up, the defrost water cannot drain off and the lower coil begins to form a ice ball which builds up, with the condensing unit on heat pump mode the coil evaporation temperature can be lower than -20DegC. With the coil being at that temperature any water dropping onto it will freeze.


Images of frozen air conditioning outdoor systems:



Find Air Conditioning Condensing Unit Brackets Here:


Condensing Unit Floor Bracket 1000mm mounting

Condensing Unit Wall Brackets - Type 2 60Kg

Condensing Unit Wall Brackets - Type 2 90Kg

Condensing Unit Wall Brackets - Type 2 140Kg


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