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Case study Special project for M-Solv Limited


Installation of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning  and heating system for solar panel cutting bed chamber.

Orion air conditioning & refrigeration ltd is pleased to complete the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning PEAD ducted system and fresh air make up system to class 1000 clean room standard. The chamber housed a solar panel laser cutting bed designed to make the manufacture of cells to high tolerances. The Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning indoor ducted system was coupled to a class 1000 HEPA filter and paper pre-filter housed in a purpose built filter housing box with flow and return 200mm spigots. To create a positive pressure in the room the filter box had a centrifugal fan inlet.

About M-solv Limited

M-Solv is a global company formed to advance laser micromachining and micro deposition applications. M-Solv performs application specific process research, design, engineering and manufacture for micron scale ablative machining and other specialised functional materials processes. Dedicated to the promotion of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, the dry laser etching techniques used by M-Solv are set to replace the incumbent wet chemical processes currently used in electronics manufacture. M-Solv’s range of applications target areas where laser processing will be incorporated for economic and environmental reasons. These sectors include Photovoltaic, Microelectronics and Flat Panel Display manufacture.

Test Chamber Air Conditioning Criteria

M-Solv required that the chamber air conditioning system had a tight linier temperature control (close control air conditioning format) with a maximum temperature deviation of +/- 1 DegC. The machine tool within the chamber produced 2kW of heat output loss and the chamber area was only 20 Meters cubed and realistically wouldn't require a large capacity air conditioning unit. The turnover of air in the room and ease of temperature control were important so a 10kW Mitsubishi Electric PEAD-RP100JAQ (10KW) was installed for a high room air turnover and linier close temperature control. Though oversized cooling capacity wise the unit held the temperature within the requested bandwidth and the made to measure filtration system kept the room to class 10000 clean room standard.

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