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Power always available

Now you can now have power wherever and whenever you want; thereís no need to compromise safety or convenience. If youíve got an EFOY fuel cell you will always have a source of electrical power but without the noise and the odor. The EFOY fuel cell weighs is Lightweight and compact (7 kg) and measures 435mm x 200mm x 276mm. The EFOY fuel cell works cleanly and economically. The only thing it puts out besides electrical current is water and carbon dioxide in an amount comparable to a childís breath.

High tech clean energy for marine applications

Having enough electrical current whenever you want it isnít just a matter of convenience, although it certainly is that, too. However, itís also a matter of safety. After all, you certainly want your GPS, your communications system, and your position lights to work reliably even if youíve been on the sea for several days already. The EFOY fuel cell will always provide you with power whether youíre lying at anchor or with your sails to the wind. The EFOY fuel cell in comparison to other sources of power on a sailboat

An example: Hereís how powerful the EFOY 1600 fuel cell is

  • It delivers more than four times as much electricity as a 100 Wp solar system in summer Ėeven in shade, at night, and in the rain.

  • It charges a battery just as completely as a generator working six hours Ė but without the noise and the odor.

Completely automatic

The built-in Automatic Charge Control regulator constantly monitors voltage and recharges the battery completely automatically. If voltage dips below 12.3 volts, the EFOY fuel cell will cut in automatically to recharge the battery. It then shuts itself off Ė again, fully automatically. You donít need to lift a finger. 

Ease of Handling

Ease of handling on the high seas is essential. After all, you canít just drop by your dealer to ask how this or that works when youíre in the middle of the ocean. Thatís why the EFOY fuel cell is childís play. Once you switch it on, thatís it. The EFOY fuel cell will communicate with you via the display on the remote control (standard equipment). And it usually only does that every couple of weeks when the fuel cartridge needs changing. Changing cartridges is also a matter of a few seconds, even if the EFOY fuel cell is running. 

Super light and compact!

Every centimeter and every gram counts on a boat. The EFOY fuel cell weighs a mere 7 kg and measures 43.5 x 20.0 x 27.6. Lightweight and compact, it will fit into any boat and it doesnít break up the line of the boat, either. And the practical EFOY fuel cartridges mean that you can now take several weeks of power with you. On-board power has never been so easy!

Extremely quiet!

EFOY fuel cells work so quietly that they wonít even disturb you if youíre napping. If you install it in the bilge or near the battery, it will be practically inaudible. Thatís a big advantage over generators! Youíll always have a fully-charged battery no matter how remote your anchorage is, plus youíll have your peace and quiet, too.

EFOY 600

EFOY 900

EFOY 1200

EFOY 1600

Rated output

25 W

38 W

50 W

65 W

Charging capacity/day

600 Wh/day

900 Wh/day

1200 Wh/day

1600 Wh/day

(50 Ah/day)

(75 Ah/day)

(100 Ah/day)

(130 Ah/day)

Nominal voltage

12 V

12 V

12 V

12 V

Charging current @12 V

2.1 A

3.1 A

4.2 A

5.4 A

Standby current consumption

15 mA

15 mA

15 mA

15 mA

Methanol consumption

1.1 l/kWh

1.1 l/kWh

1.1 l/kWh

1.1 l/kWh

Sound pressure level at 7 meters

23 dB(A)

23 dB(A)

23 dB(A)

23 dB(A)


6.3 kg

6.4 kg

7.1 kg

7.3 kg

Compatible batteries

12V lead rechargeable (lead-acid or lead-gel)

Operating temperature

-20 to +40 įC

Dimensions (L x W x H)

43.5 x 20,0 x 27.6 cm

Space requirements (L x W x H)

51 x 35 x 30 cm (minimum)

Hereís how powerful the EFOY 1600 (1600 Watt) fuel cell is.

  • It delivers over four times as much electrical current as a 100 Wp solar system in summer and
  • it does so in shade, at night and in the rain.
  • It generates as much electricity as your generator does after running for six hours.
  • It recharges the battery as completely as six hours of running the generator Ė but without the noise and smell.
  • In winter, it delivers more than sixteen times the electrical current than a 100 Wp solar system can.

EFOY Fuel Cell Power Output

The EFOY fuel cell comes in four different versions, depending on your needs:

  • the EFOY 1600 fuel cell, with its output of 1,600 watt hours per day, is the convenient solution for your high energy needs;
  • the EFOY 1200 fuel cell, putting out 1,200 watt hours per day, is your passport to energy independence for small to medium-sized boats;
  • the EFOY 900 fuel cell, with an output of 900 watt hours per day, is suitable for powering lots of smaller electrical devices or as a supplement to existing power sources such as solar modules or wind generators;
  • the EFOY 600 fuel cell, rated at 600 watt hours per day, handles your base load and is also suited for hybrid use together with a solar cell.

How does a fuel cell work in comparison to regular generators?

An EFOY fuel cell converts liquid methanol directly into electrical energy. A noiseless chemical process transforms methanol and oxygen directly into electrical current without any combustion. The use of ultra-pure, high-quality materials plus precision components make the EFOY fuel cell possible. A mixture of methanol and water is introduced on the anode side of the membrane. The needed water comes from the internal, patented, fully automatic water return system within the unit. The unit pumps ambient air into the fuel cell on the cathode side. The anode and cathode sides are joined by an electrical circuit. The methanol releases electrons (e-) to the anode when it comes into contact with the catalytic converter. These electrons then flow over the circuit in the direction of the cathode. Protons (H+) are likewise released passing through the membrane to flow to the cathode. There, oxygen reacts with protons and electrons to form water. The entire reaction takes place at the heart of the fuel cell, called the stack. The stack heats up to about 75įC during the chemical reaction. Thus, any water not needed in the process is released as evaporation into the atmosphere. A very small amount of carbon dioxide also arises; as much as what is found in a small childís breath. This unique chemical process enables the cell to transform the medium directly into electricity. There are no intermediate steps and no loss of energy. Since the stack contains no mechanical components whatsoever, energy generation proceeds extremely quietly.


What are the EFOY fuel cell outputs:

Ideal for camper vans:


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