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Ebola And Disease Control Air Filtration And Air Conditioning (01/10/2014)


 Ebola And Disease Control Air Filtration And Air Conditioning

Filtration of the air

With the horrendous Ebola disease causing wide spread chaos and misery on the west coast of Africa a lot of disease control centres are in need of areas with air conditioning and a high level of air filtration  to remove airborne particulates.  These control centres and operating theatres need to be as clean as a class 4 laboratory which is required when working with dangerous and exotic diseases that pose a high risk of transmitting infections and fatal disease in humans such as Ebola. As Ebola has not transmuted to being a airborne virus yet in medical turns with the right medical attention and government intervention the disease could be brought under control. To bring a area up to this standard the air will need to be filtered through a high density medium with the ability to remove a high level of small particulates from the air. The best option for this is a HEPA filter which has a dense , lightweight structure which is able to remove the smallest of particulates. HEPA's are used in all types of applications including hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing processes and are a reliable filtration option. By regulation a HEPA filter must remove 99.97% of particulates passing through it with particles being as small as  0.3 m. Combining the cleaning power of the HEPA with a carbon filter will also reduce particulates and be highly beneficial for cleaning the air.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is important when it comes to disease control areas as it gives the area a linier temperature which standardises temperature control. The people being treated have a comfortable environment to inhabit while their body temperature may be well above normal. Used in laboratory environments and hospitals alike air conditioning is a vital tool for disease control.

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