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Broughton High Output Industrial Electric Heaters 110V, 240V, 415V ~50Hz


The Red Giant and Blue Giant range of industrial electric heaters are manufactured to the highest standard in the UK. All heaters come with 1 years warranty and are available in a large output range in either single phase and three phase.



Red Giant Series light Industrial Electric Heater 12kW to 20kW:

Click here to see the range: Red Giant Series light Industrial Electric HeaterThe Red Giant Series as been developed to out perform and out last cheap imports.  Available in either 12kw or 20kw versions both offer full and half heat settings, over-temp protection and an optional thermostat.  Designed with affordability in mind this range is ideally suited to light industrial applications such as small warehouses and industrial units.  As with everything we make these heaters are built to last and a tough steel body gives them the durability missing from the competition.

Blue Giant Series Industrial Electric Heater 3kW to 29kW:

Previously known as the FF3, FF13 and FF29 this is the flagship and  most popular series in the range.  Defined by its large heat output, whisper quiet operation and Click here to see the range: Blue Giant Series Industrial Electric Heaterunrivalled durability the Blue Giant Series has become industry standard over the last few years and can be found in many of the continents most established hire fleets. However we understand that if you're not moving forward you're going backwards.  So with that in mind the Blue Giant Series has been upgraded this year with a number of unique features: 29kW of heat from a 32a supply, 14kW from a 16a supply and 3kW from a 13a supply.  NO OTHER RANGE OFFERS THIS. The ability to heat up to four area's from one heater or deliver warm air down 15m of ducting

Super Giant Series Industrial Electric Heater 42kW to 100kW:

Click here to see the range: Super Giant Series Industrial Electric Heater

When large quantities of portable heat are required the Super Giant Series is without pier.  Already a familiar face across some of the continents most demanding industrial sites.  With a number of safety features such as full phase protection, an innovative heat purge system and multistage controls that can be adapted to suit any application these impressive heaters can deliver a ΔT (temperature rise) of over 100oC at up to 10000m3/hr and 5000pa.  To withstand the toughest of applications there's machine formed steel construction and an oven hardened finish that means they're left standing no matter what.


Technical Data:

  FF13 FF20
Nominal Heat Output 12.7kW 20kW
Supply 400v 16a 3ph 400v 32a 3ph
HxWxD (mm) 425x345x295 460x390x400
Max Airflow 1200m3/hr 1850m3/hr
Weight 15kG 20kG
  FF3 FF13 FF29
Nominal Heat Output 3kW 13.9kW 28.9kW
Supply 115v/230v  32a/13a 1ph 400v 16a 3ph 400v 32a 3ph
HxWxD (mm) 360x300x330 380x300x450 570x400x520
Max Airflow/Pressure
423m3/hr 80pascals 1017m3/hr 400pascals 2028m3/hr 400pascals
Weight 10kG 18kG 36kG
Max Duct/Outlets 3m/1 5m/2 10m/4


  FF42     FF80                       FF100+
Nominal Heat Output 43kW 80kW 100+kW
Supply 400v 63a 3ph 400v 125a 3ph 400v 125a 3ph
HxWxD (mm) 1000x700x1100 1000x700x1650 1000x700x2500
Max Airflow/Pressure 4000m3/hr 600pascals 9500m3/hr 600pascals 5000m3/hr 5000pascals
Weight 113kG 200kG Approx 500kG
Max Duct Lenght 30m 100m 100m+
Mains Cable 5m 16mm2 4 core Appliance Inlet Appliance Inlet
Phase Protection Yes Yes Yes


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Red Giant FF20T Industrial Heater 20Kw / 66000Btu

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Master B18 EPR 400V 18kw Electric Heater

Kroll E18S 18kw 400v 3phase Electric Heater With Thermostat (Ducted Version)

Blue Giant Series FF29T Industrial Ducted Heater 29Kw / 96000Btu

Super Giant Series FF42 Ducted Industrial Heater 43kW / 140000 Btu

Super Giant Series FF80

Super Giant Series FF125 Ducted Industrial Heater High Capacity 100Kw / 330000 Btu

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