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Case Study of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air conditioning Heat-pump installation at Kenco Techniques (10/12/16)


Installation of workshop air conditioning heat-pumps:

Orion air conditioning and refrigeration ltd complete the installation of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning heat-pump heating system for a new building for Kenco Techniques Bedfordshire. The building was part of a continued expansion of the company which produces high grade CPC machined parts for the high end motor industry and Formula 1 racing teams based in the UK. The building had around 150 meters/squared of area that used a gas powered convector heating system which was as basic and extremely expensive to run. Because there was no suspended ceiling solid spiral ducting was used to make solid outlets with stylish circular diffuser outlets.


Project Pictures:


Eco Touch Data Retrieval From Controller:




Detail of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning heat-pumps installed in Kenco Techniques:


1 of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning FDUM125VF1 Ducted (12.5 kW / 42000 Btu) Heat Pump Inverter 240V/415V~50Hz units were installed to serve the entire workshop area with heat in winter and cooling in summer. The workshop contains an array of CNC machines producing heat which can build up in summer conditions. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning FDUM series of ducted units are extremely versatile and offer a efficient and cost affective way of heating a area. Combined with the Eco-Touch controller which offers a verity of control options to optimise the running of the unit such as ceiling height offset function and 5 speed fan option amongst others. These units have a high COP (Average 3.65 initial input on) which means that every 1000w of electrical energy going in produces 3650 watts of heat. In our opinion the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning FDUM series in the best ducted unit available when combined with the touch pad style Eco Touch controller. For more information on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning FDUM heat-pump inverters please here.


Workshop heat pump air conditioning efficiency and CO2 emissions:

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning system took around half an hour to heat fully the area, but once warm the outdoor heat-pump slows down because the temperature  had been reached therefore just pumping small amounts of heat in to maintain temperature. Typical running cost per system equate to around 38 / week in winter conditions.


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