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Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial Heaters:

Olympus OLY-J3/1 JetHeat Industrial Electric Fan Heater With Thermostat (3Kw/12000Btu) 240V~50Hz

Olympus OLY-J9/3 JetHeat Industrial Electric Fan Heater With Thermostat (9Kw/30000Btu) 415V~50Hz

Olympus OLY-J15/3 JetHeat Industrial Electric Fan Heater With Thermostat (15kW/50000Btu) 415V~50Hz

Olympus OLY-J30/3 JetHeat Industrial Electric Fan Heater With Thermostat (30kW/100000Btu) 415V~50Hz




Air curtains for commercial use in shops, restaurants, hotels and public doorways. We have something for every application. Delivery to USA, Europe, Canada, South and central America, Africa, Australia and Asia where 240V~50Hz or 415V~50Hz is available.


Our range of over-door air curtains are excellent value, high performance unit. It can provide up to 9kW of heat to an area with 1,670m3/h of airflow.  Available in lengths of 90, 120 and 150cm the over-door  is ideal for use in shop, restaurant, hotel and public doorway. For wider doorways more than one unit can be flush mounted next to another. A handheld remote makes control very convenient. 

The unit can be run with or without the heating elements on, enabling the air curtain to be used in the summer to keep in air-conditioned air as well as in the winter to keep in heated air. The wire elements will reach temperature in just 10 seconds unlike other air curtains that can take up to two minutes to reach temperature.

When the unit has been in heating mode and is turned off, it will run-on for three minutes to remove residual heat from inside the unit. This is indicated by a flashing red light on the control panel.  The unit has an overheat protection safety cut-out. Over-door air curtain is supplied with a 2m electrical lead and is designed to be used with a single-phase power supply.


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EH1464 2 kW PTC Over-Door Heater/Fan with Remote Control and Timer 240V~50Hz 



Prem-I-Air Elite EH1688 PTC Over Door Air Curtain Heater/Fan With Remote Control and Timer 3Kw / 12000Btu 240V~50Hz 



Consort Claudgen HE7402 Air Curtain Heater 3 kW / 12000Btu 240V~50Hz


For our full collection of air curtains please see our Air Curtain section of the website.


Key Product Features:


  • High performance

  • Economic to run

  • Three lengths in the range

  • Single phase power 240V

  • Remote control operation (see picture)

  • Fast acting heating elements

  • Safety overheat protection

  • 3 minute run-on to remove residual heat

  • One year warranty



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