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Blue Giant Series FF3T Industrial Heater 3Kw / 12000Btu
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The Big Red Rad - 3kw Industrial Radiant Heater
Blue Giant Series FF13T Industrial Ducted Heater 13.9Kw / 42000Btu
Kroll E8 8kw 400v 3phase electric heater with thermostat
9KW Industrial Space Heater
Kroll E12 12kw 400v 3phase Electric Heater With Thermostat
Red Giant FF20T Industrial Heater
20Kw / 66000Btu
Kroll E18 18kw 400v 3phase Electric Heater With Thermostat


Bed Bug Killing Heater


The FF Blue Giant bed bug destroyer series are specially adapted UK manufactured heaters designed for eliminating the issue of bed bugs in occupied rooms and beds in hotels or the likes. The thermostatic control and heating element operates the heater at +60DegC with the purpose of heating the area to kill the bugs that may have infested the room.

Bed bugs can be troublesome to eradicate and has become a big problem in many city hotels worldwide but if the room is kept for a set time at +60DegC temperature within a short space of time the bed bugs will be eradicated. The FF3 3kW Bed Bug Destroyer is the flagship and most popular series in the range. Defined by its large heat output, whisper quiet operation and unrivalled durability the FF3 Series has become industry standard over the last few years and can be found in many of the continents most established hire fleets. The thermostat can be remotely mounted for precise temperature control and a ability to heat up to four area's from one heater or deliver warm air down 15m of ducting is a real bonus for multi-room scenarios. Ideal for hotel, home and mobile homes.

                   Blue Giant Series FF13 Industrial Ducted Heater 13.9Kw / 42000Btu

Technical Data:



FF3 Bed Bug Destroyer

FF13 Bed Bug Destroyer

FF29 Bed Bug Destroyer

Nominal Heat Output





115v/230v 32a/13a 1ph

400v 16a 3ph

400v 32a 3ph

HxWxD (mm)




Max Airflow/Pressure

423m3/hr 80pascals

1017m3/hr 400pascals

2028m3/hr 400pascals





Max Duct/Outlets




Running cost = 2.8 units of electricity per hour on FF3


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