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Case Study of Air conditioning Heat-pump installation at Amey Utilities Waterbeach, Cambridge (14/03/14)


Installation of Amey Utilities office air conditioning heat-pumps:

Orion air conditioning and refrigeration ltd complete the installation of a Fujitsu air conditioning heat-pump heating system for the cabin office building in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. The cabin building was in need of revamping due to its age and had 5 areas which needed heating and cooling including a data server room. The building had around 200 meters/squared of area that used a electric convector heating system which was as basic and extremely expensive to run.

Project Pictures:


What air conditioning heat-pumps were installed in Amey Utilities offices and server room:


5 x  Fujitsu Air Conditioning AUYF24L Compact Cassette ( 7.0 kW / 24000 Btu) Heat Pump Inverter,

2 x Fujitsu Air Conditioning AUYF12L Compact Cassette ( 3.5 kW / 12000 Btu) Heat Pump Inverter

1 x Fujitsu Air conditioning ASYG18LF (5Kw / 18000Btu) Wall Heat pump Inverter for the server room. These units have a high COP (Average 3.65 initial input on) which means that every 1000w of electrical energy going in produces 3650 watts of heat. For more information on heat-pump inverters please here.

Background of the Amey Utilities office air conditioning heat-pumps:

The main contractor conducting the refit was P.B Doyles who were quoted on various heating systems including split heat pump systems and replacement electric heaters which came in under budget in comparison to the price of the Fujitsu air conditioning Heat-Pump units but did not offer cooling which the cabin office would need in the summer. The Fujitsu air conditioning heat-pump system provided a great value way of heating a office building within a short space of time (30 mins heat up time) and with little cost and reduces CO2 emissions. The Fujitsu  air conditioning systems offer large capacity heating with excellent COP. The Amey project required individual heating and cooling for each area and split Fujitsu systems offer a affordable way of heating and cooling without the need for centralized air conditioning system.

Office air conditioning VRF Heat-pump efficiency and CO2 emissions:

This office air conditioning heat-pump system took around half an hour to heat fully but once warm the outdoor heat-pump ramped down because the temperature  had been reached therefore just pumping small amounts of heat in to maintain heat. Typical running cost for the year / system 474.50p.


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