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Air Conditioning For A Conservatory The Facts



Sizing Up You Conservatory Air Conditioning:

A conservatory has the obvious effect of heating up in the warm weather especially when the sun is on it, so when calculating the heat load for air conditioning it advised to add 40% "minimum" to you initial floor calculation of 100 watts / M sq. For example: If your conservatory has a 30 square meter floor area then your basic heat load is (30m x 100 Watts) 3000 watts. Add your 40% solar effect and you get a basic heat load for your conservatory air conditioning of 3000 + 40% = 4200 w. 

air conditioning conservatory, dwarf wall all in one types ideal for cooling and heating a conservatory.


Where to place your internal conservatory air conditioning unit:

If you are thinking about  air conditioning for your conservatory it all depends were you can site it. A low floor console style mounted unit can be fitted on a dwarf wall of 600mm.  A "Through the wall unit" all in one style air conditioning system has NO outdoor unit which makes them ideal for conservatories, a All in one solution where a outdoor unit is not possible or not preferred. The air is exchanged directly through two ducted air grilles at the back of the unit which takes air from outside to cool and expels the hot air through the other. These units are placed on an internal wall and do not need a professional installation as they are pre-gassed and no interconnecting pipe is needed (see examples here). The all in one style unit can be placed at low level or on a dwarf wall, ideal for conservatories.

When a low wall mounted system is not a option or preferred the a high wall mounted system is ideal. These are always split style (indoor and outdoor format) and the hot air is dealt with directly by the internal unit and rejected through the outdoor unit. (see examples here).


Ideal Conservatory Dwarf Wall Air Conditioning Units:


Compact (All In One) Air Conditioning Wall Unit With Electrical Heater (2.9 kW / 10000 Btu) EHO533

Prem SW (All In One) air conditioning floor / wall (3.0 kW / 11000 Btu)EH0554

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 All In One Packaged Air Conditioner And Heat Pump (2.3kW / 9000 Btu) 240V~50hZ

Powrmatic Climapac (2.5kw/9000 BTU) Packaged Air Conditioning Unit With Ceramic Boost Heater 240V~50hZ

Ferroli All In One Air Conditioning Heat Pump (3.3KW/12000 Btu)


The Best You Can Buy

Daikin "Nexura" FVXG25K Floor Mounted 2.5kw Inverter System

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Heat Pump Inverter MFZ-KA25VA Floor Mounted (2.5 kW/9000Btu)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRF-25ZJX-S (3.0 kW / 10000 Btu) HYPER Inverter Floor


On A Budget:

Easy fit wall mounted air conditioning heat-pump KFR-23IW/X1c (2.7 kW / 9000 Btu)- INVERTER

Easy fit wall mounted air conditioning heat-pump KFR-33IW/X1c (3.5 kW / 12000 Btu)- INVERTER


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