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Electric Patio Heaters For Patios, Hotels, Terraces And Parasols

Portable Air Conditioning Unit (15000btu/4kw) Kompact 15 Heating and Cooling

Portable Air Conditioning Unit (16000btu/4.5kw) Kompact 16 Heating and Cooling

Portable Air Conditioning Unit (18000btu/5kw) Kompact 18 Heating and Cooling

Broughton MCM230 7kw (23000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240v

Portable Air Conditioner Titan-Cool TC32 (9.4 kW / 32000 Btu) Industrial unit

Broughton MCWC250 7.3kw (25000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240v

Portable Air Conditioning Unit Koolbreeze KCA35 Heating and Cooling (35000Btu/10.3kw)

Koolbreeze KCA28 28,000btu/7.9kw Portable Air Conditioning Unit


The Hercules Patio heater new for 2012 from Chill Chaser


The latest development in electric patio heaters from Chillchaser UK. These attractive and unique electric patio heaters are the latest design from Eddie Middleton who famously pitched to the Dragons on BBC's Dragons Den Programme. The Hercules is hoping to follow the success of the Mercury, Neptune and Zeus Patio heaters which were sold worldwide to restaurants, bars, hotels and many more patio terrace applications.

The release date is expected March 2012 with a RRP of £699.00 GBP / $1100.00 USD with delivery costs varying on location. The Hercules patio heater is now manufactured in Scotland, UK instead of the old factory in Shunde, Guangdong Province China which last year was hit by a massive storm which smashed through the factory causing $1000's damage to the Zeus, Neptune and Mercury Patio heaters which were ready for shipment. Stock had been tight for all of these products which were retailing in the UK at around £399 and £329 respectively and suppliers could only buy small lots due to the supply issue. Since production has moved to Scotland the manufacturing processes has speeded up and the quality of the product has been improved with thicker gauge metal but the price has risen on all the products across the range. With the new Hercules electric patio heater expected to be around $1100 USD it is expected to be a more commercially orientated product with end users such as hotels, restaurant and clubs instead of home owners but with it being such a attractive, desirable product it is assured to be a great success worldwide.

More About The Neptune, Mercury, Zeus and Hercules Patio Heaters
Silent Running – Unlike Gas our heaters have No Noise!!

Nothing is worse than the horrible roaring racket of a gas patio heater smell when you are trying to eat or drink Alfresco - simply replace them with our ChillChaser® Heaters and enjoy peace, tranquillity and warmth!

Odourless – Unlike Gas our heaters have Zero emissions!!

Nothing is worse than the smell and fumes coming from a gas patio heater when you are trying to eat or drink Alfresco - simply replace them with our ChillChaser® Heaters and avoid customer complaints (at least about the heating).

Masterlock™ Safety feature – No tampering by Children or public!

This function disables the main unit control panel to render it inoperable / tamper proof. In operation the unit is then managed by the remote control only.

Remote control - For an easy life!

“Full Function” remote control that pops easily into the rear handle or rear door of the unit for safekeeping. Weather-proofed – IPX5 rating means “OK to leave outside”!

These units have patented weather proof fittings that have enabled the award of an IPX5 rating, which means that it is produced to be left outside and will not be affected by weather conditions, specifically water ingress. The heating tubes are installed in such a manner that they can take direct exposure to water, beer or even flammable liquids like whisky or Vodka! Recommended operating temperatures have been tested from -20°C in Moscow to +25°C, although our heaters will automatically cut off at 25degC to save wasting energy.

Effective Heating Area – Head to Toe People heater NOT the Air!

The effective heating area of one unit is approximately 24m (5m radius from the unit at a heating angle of 110 degrees); the intensity of the heat is obviously greater the closer you are to the heat source / unit. Looks spectacular at night with that “bonfire red glow” without the smoke and pollution!

EasyFit™ Base – Simple 1-Nut assembly to a one piece base!

The Heavy weight base of 15Kg is easy to assemble with a simple one nut & washer method. This base is designed to self-right even at 25° and withstand heavy winds or the odd drunk who may knock against it!

Safety Features– Easy to insure for public Liability Insurance!

Safety tip-over switch built in to the unit, which cuts all power if the unit is knocked accidentally. No naked flames that can ignite chemicals or flammable liquid such as whisky. NB: - It won’t light cigarettes! Chillchaser Heaters have a corrosion resistant Protective Zinconium grille for safety, which whilst it does get warm in operation, will not scald/burn on contact, due to the way in which the carbon fibre tubes produce their effective heat output.
Chillchaser® Heaters are also fitted with an Auto-Reset Thermal Fuse which shuts down the unit in an overheat situation.

Safest Heater of its type on the market, for children, pets and the environment. Lockable Cable Storage Door – Safe to store the 5m of cable and hide your remote control for safety Protect your remote from theft or loss by storing it in the rear door compartment – store the cable in here when not in use.

Roller Base – Easy to move into the desired area or position!

Handle and base with rollers for easy mobility. The unit can however be bolted in position, if required. (Rawl fixings & armoured cable required)

Low Carbon Emission Heating - Certificate and Logo

Warranty and Certifications – Trust the quality!

The unit is under warranty for 2 years under normal domestic using conditions & 1 year for Commercial applications. Full legislative testing procedures have been undertaken and awarded; CE, GS, ETL, IP, RoHS.... copy certification available on request. More than 15,000 units have been sold to date with <1% faults reported and all easily corrected due to the modular construction and ease of fitting replacement parts.

Unit Frame : Modular self-supporting frame in galvanised sheet steel with baked-on polyester powder coating (colour RAL 5014) and threaded fasteners in stainless steel.



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