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The most important facts to consider when buying air conditioning for your home




Find the ideal location for your air conditioning indoor unit within the room you want to air condition, where it will be as unobtrusive, give you the best air flow and not likely to be in the way.

Find a the ideal location for the outdoor air conditioning unit. Make sure the condensing out door unit will be out off the way of foot traffic, not too on display and on a wall based mounting bracket or on flat ground on a ground based mounting bracket system. This will ensure long life and unobtrusive service to the home air conditioning user.

Consider the route of the pipe services between the indoor air conditioning unit and outdoor air conditioning unit. The indoor air conditioning unit will collect moister from the air and this will need to flow out either on a downward gradient or be pumped out using a condensate pump such as a mini-lime trunking condensate pump or the likes.

Wall air conditioning units work out cheaper because they are mass produced by all the manufactures. They generally are the air conditioning unit of choice for the home user who just want a practical solution to heating or cooling a room.

Artist air conditioning units that double up as an artist addition to your home are now well established in the UK market and are ideal for house air conditioning.

Choose a good brand for air conditioning a house as you have to live with it every day. It is the same with every-day household items such as a television or oven. Quality air conditioning brands last and have the additional features that really do make the difference such as a 24hr timer.


Noise levels for home air conditioning


Noise has to be the number 1 issue for home users, nobody wants to be in their bedroom trying to sleep while being kept up by a noisy air conditioning unit, it almost defeats the objective. Some home air conditioning orientated air conditioning units such as mono-block portable air conditioning unit have a reputation for being noisy (modern portable units have got better) and if the unit is being used in a bedroom or other peaceful area noise is worth considering. Most fixed wall air conditioning units have a typical design 22 Db@1meter reading on low speed setting which is hardly audible to the ear. Cassette, floor and ceiling units are generally noisier with a design 35 Db@1meter on low speed while ducted units if concealed within a ceiling void may not even be heard.


Noise levels for home air conditioning, comparison chart


Ducted concealed air conditioning for home use


Air conditioning your home can vary in price considerably depending on the type of air conditioning unit you decide on. If you are looking to have a totally concealed air conditioning system you will require a ducted air conditioning system which is tucked away in the ceiling void. For a larger area or entire floor area of home, then the professional way would be a ducted or cassette system. These units require a void of around 300mm above the ceiling. All provide heating and cooling due the the heat pump inverter facility available to modern air conditioning technology.


Wall mounted home air conditioning


For heating or cooling an area such as a bedroom or lounge, wall mount units work out to be a cost effective way of heating and cooling. Over the last 10 years, more ecstatically pleasing wall mounted air conditioning units designed to fit into any area have come to the market. The first of these was Lg' air conditions Artcool units, this new range gave the user the option of a artistic look with the aim of fitting into any environment. The Artcool Gallery air conditioning unit came  with a removable fascia panel to allow the user to put a picture of their chose behind so the air conditioning unit can double as a picture gallery. Since then more and more manufacturers produced their own artistic system, these included the Mitsubishi Zen units which come in a range of 3 colours (white, black, silver) and a output range of 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 5kW. See the image gallery below.




The New Lg air conditioning Artcool (stylist) model


After many years of success with the Artcool unit, Lg air conditioning decided to spruce up their aging model with a revamp. The replacement was the LG Art Cool Stylist  in 2013, which was essentially a unit with the same dimensions, same frame design but without the option to place a picture behind a frontal panel frame. The Stylist unit comes with a bevelled countersunk front facia with neon "look" led backlighting affect. The remote controller was a whole new concept for the air conditioning market, a round table based system with the option to change the led light colour along with the usual basic control options such as fan, heat and cool. Many customers we speak to miss the picture option though.

Pipe work will be needed to be run for split type systems (INDOOR AND OUTDOOR type) which can be left just clipped to the outer wall or enclosed in a plastic trunking system.

Cassette air conditioning can work out nicely for air conditioning a house as long as you have the required 300mm void space to install it.



Portable air conditioning for home use.             Air conditioning and heatpump units for home use.           Air to water heatpump systems for home use


The most popular brands in the air conditioning market


Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning: One of the most popular brands in the UK holding +40% of the market. Have small assembly plant in Scotland. 3 years warranty.

Daikin Air Conditioning: The number 1 brand in the UK and Europe holding +50% of the market. Main manufacturing plant in Belgium and other EU locations. Generally have a full range of equipment available from stock. 3-7 years warranty.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning: Manufacture a range of home air conditioning solutions and light commercial air conditioning units. 3 years warranty on parts.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning: A range of systems suitable for home and light commercial applications. 3 years warranty on parts.

LG Air Conditioning: Manufacture a range of budget residential air conditioning systems on a vast scale, very popular in the far east. 3 years warranty.





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