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Daikin  air conditioning inverter wall unit


Daikin air conditioning has taken a further step towards achieving the ideal combination of style and efficiency. The D and F series’ stylish flat panel design creates a graceful harmony that enhances any interior décor while delivering greater energy savings than ever before.



• The comfort mode function ensures draught-free operation. During the cooling operation the flap angle turns horizontally to prevent cold air blowing directly on to you. During heating however it turns downward vertically to direct the warm air towards your feet.

• The vertical auto swing automatically moves the flaps up and down to ensure an even distribution of air throughout the room.

• The horizontal auto swing automatically moves the louvers to the left and right to cover the room with cool/warm air (F series only).

• The 3D air flow function combines the vertical and horizontal auto swing, circulating a stream of cool/warm air right to the corners of even large spaces (F series only).

• You have the choice of 5 fan speeds to select: from high to super low.

• Daikin’s special dry programme reduces humidity in the room without variations in room temperature.

• The powerful operation function boosts the air flow to a maximum volume for a 20-minute period, (e.g. when you come home on a hot day, rapid cooling is required). After this, the unit returns automatically to its previous settings.

• The night set mode is automatically selected by pushing the ‘off’ timer button. This function prevents any sudden change in room temperature by gently raising/lowering the temperature before the air conditioner stops, so you can sleep more comfortably.

• The indoor unit is extremely quiet in operation. The sound levels are as low as 22dB(A), comparable to rustling leaves. The outdoor unit silent operation* function increases comfort by automatically lowering the operating sound of the outdoor unit by 3dB(A). (* only in combination with RK/XS-F outdoor units)

• The night quiet mode reduces the operating sound of the outdoor unit by another 3 dB(A) at night.


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