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Review of the LG Air Conditioning stylist wall mounted inverter air conditioning air to air heat-pump system


LG Art Cool Stylist Air Conditioning Inverter Heat Pump G09WL-NS3 (2.7kW / 9000 Btu) 240V~50Hz


LG Artcool Stylist Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Indoor Unit Features:

LG air conditioning's Artcool Stylist wall mounted inverter heat pump range are a unique, ultra modern, flat design square unit and a replacement for the old LG Artcool Gallery which gave the user the ability to put a picture within the frame of the indoor air conditioning unit. The Stylist does not offer this feature but instead has a inner ring bezel which lights up in over 16 different colours to match the users mood or in automatic mode the current function of the unit, i.e cooling / blue , heating /red. The LG Artcool stylist is still a very unique unit even though its predecessor was available for 10 years prier to the Stylist release in 2012, no other manufacturer offers the square design indoor unit with the 3 way air diffusion which vents from the bottom and side of the unit. The stylist is ideally suited to residential applications but they are also installed in office building, art galleries or where it's quirky design is required to adds a different look to a area. The Stylist certainly grabs attention, most people think it looks like a music speaker. The Stylist comes with a circular cylindrical shape remote control with many options to choose from such as the mode, fan speed and user preference of the colour of the central bevelled inner ring.

The LG Stylist wall units have limited space behind the body of the unit to hide pipe-work and other services such as condensate pumps, this limits them to "through the wall application" if the unit is to have a good finish. The use of condensate pumps is limited because of this. The indoor units plastic frame is of a thicker gauge than cheap units enabling the unit to operate quieter while at the same time reducing the  noise of contracting and expanding plastic as is associated with lower grade plastic that is found on the low quality air conditioning brands.

The LG Stylist indoor features include a quiet operating noise that allows the unit to operate at 29Db@1M which is the equivalent to a whisper. The indoor unit comes with a standard IR remote control


LG Stylist Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit Features:

The LG outdoor condensing unit is compact and lightweight. The unit is a efficient inverter heat pump air to air model and is made of high quality, powder coated metals so the unit does not rust in the obvious places as associated with low quality condensing units. The energy rating on the middle of the range models is A+. The LG Stylist operates on R410a refrigerant gas which offers 0 chance of any ozone depletion and low GDP when compared to R22.

LG Stylist Pro's and Con's:


Efficient and energy saving,  high grade materials, quiet operation, 3 years warranty, parts available


Condensate pumps such as mini-limes have difficulty butting up to the side entry, ideally suited for straight out of the wall application, harder to install because of its design

Synopsis :

Still unique after years of being on the market the Artcool range has yet to be replicated in any shape by other manufacturers. The design has won LG accolades for its unique design and sales figures prove this is a great selling unit. It offer fantastic all year round use and the LED lit centre bezel gives the user the ability to change the mood of the area by changing the colour to suit, it offers the user some great energy saving features and controls. A truly unique wall mounted inverter unit offering all year round heating and cooling. The stylist has had multi million unit sales worldwide which shows that it's design and manufacture offers a trouble free life.


The LG Stylist range is available in the following models:

LG Art Cool Stylist Air Conditioning Inverter Heat Pump G09WL-NS3 (2.7kW / 9000 Btu) 240V~50Hz

LG Art Cool Stylist Air Conditioning Inverter Heat Pump G12WL-NS3 (3.5kW / 12000 Btu) 240V~50Hz



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