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Case Study of Fujistu conditioning Heat-pump installation at The Cromwell Hotel Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK (22/02/17)


Orion air conditioning and refrigeration ltd complete the installation of 12 wall mounted Fujitsu air conditioning and heat-pump heating systems for the update to the Cromwell Hotels entertainment and conference area "The Cromwell Suite". The Cromwell Suite had a existing R22 system with old cassette type units that were beyond repair and because the whole hotel was being renovated a entirely new look for the entertainment area was required by the hotel. The entertainment area was around 700 meters/squared of area that uses the air conditioning system as a heating systems as well as a cooling system in the summer. The Cromwell Suite was at the rear of the building and would get hot in the summer due to its south facing position and the sun terrace.


Project Pictures:


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What Fujitsu air conditioning heat-pumps were installed in the Cromwell Hotel:


6 x 14Kw / 48000btu Fujitsu air conditioning's J Series VRF outdoor air conditioning and heat pump units were installed each supplying 2 indoor units with a total of 12 indoor wall mounted 7 Kw / 24000Btu units were in the large Cromwell Suite. The Fujitsu indoor wall mounted units efficiently distributed the air enabling the user to configure the air impulsion in two, three or four different directions and to achieve uniform air conditioning experience without cold spots. 

The J Series DC inverter swing compressors in the outdoor Fujitsu VRF air conditioning system are renowned for being very quiet in operation and as the Cromwell hotel in Stevenage is a hotel with  night time use of the air conditioning systems, noise levels are important factor for the residents . In addition to great noise levels and greater performance, the Fujitsu J series VRF allows the area being air conditioned to heat up efficiently even when the outside temperature is very low (-20 DegC). The outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can easily be mounted on a roof or terrace or simply placed against an outside wall. Whisper quiet operation sound pressure level, unlike conventional systems providing greater room temperature stability and comfort with limited noise. 


Background of The Cromwell Hotel air conditioning heat-pumps:

The Cromwell Hotel In Stevenage, Hertfordshire is a centre piece to the old town of Stevenage and dates back to the 17th century. The hotel is popular with weddings and lodgings alike. The hotel group were quoted on various air conditioning systems including and large scale single outdoor unit which came in over budget in comparison to the price of the multiple J Series Fujitsu air conditioning heat-pump units this is because of the associated accessories with VRF including the branch selector boxes and large diameter pipe work which over a large length can serially add to the installation costs overall. The Fujitsu J Series air conditioning heat-pump systems provided a cost effective way of heating and cooling a large area without the need for expensive installation parts or control boxes. In short the Fujitsu J Series offers a great value way of heating a large space in a building within a short space of time with little cost and reduced CO2 emissions. The limitation of the Fujitsu J Series is that the system does not simultaneously heat and cool but on this occasion the area being air conditioned did not require this function. For more information on the Fujitsu J Series VRF air conditioning systems email us on the link below.



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