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Used WindyBoy 1700 Wind Turbine Grid-tie inverter



We have for sale 1 x Windyboy 1700 Grid Tie inverter units for sale after a client returned the units. They can be programmed to suit your wind turbine.


Information about the Windy Boy 1700W Grid Tie Inverter 1700 Watt.

Whats in the package

Windyboy 1700


The Windy Boy 1700W is the perfect solution for the smallest wind energy systems with low generator voltage. The programmable polynomial curve gives you full flexibility for choosing the turbine, while its weatherproof enclosure and the wide temperature range allow for installation at nearly any location. As an inverter for wind energy systems, the Windy Boy is optimally adjusted to fast and frequent load changes. Its minimum internal consumption during a calm also increases the yield, which you can monitor at any time using the display and different communication interfaces.  

The inverters can be located as close to the wind turbine as desired (even on the tower, IP65 protection), eliminating long DC wire runs.  Connection to the mains is via the house consumer unit. Inverters automatically shut down in the event of: High/Low grid AC voltage; High/Low grid frequency; Grid failure; or Inverter malfunction. An additional wind turbine controller is required.  It is most important that the DC input voltage to the Windy Boy never rises above the maximum permitted even if the Windy Boy shuts down eg. During a power cut. 

Operating state monitoring and data acquisition are carried out within the Windy Boy inverter.  Wind turbine voltage; mains voltage & frequency; input current & power; operating hours and generated kWh energy are measured.  Inverters include displays to show essential information or all values can be accessed centrally via a PC or a Sunny Boy Control unit using a choice of communication methods

Versions of Sunny Boy inverters designed to be used with wind turbines.  "Turbine mode" allows the inverter to follow the wind turbine power curve. Units can be linked in parallel allowing operation with a wide variety of wind turbines and to give maximum efficiency.


The perfect solution for the smallest wind energy systems with low generator voltage

Key Product Information:

Max DC Input Power: 1850W
Max DC Voltage: 400V - Max Input Current: 12.6A
Max AC Power: 1700W
Dimensions: 434 x 295 x 214mm
Weight: 25kg
Fully tested and compliant with UK G83 grid connection regulations

Offer Price: 700.00 inc ONO / Unit

We now have a huge range of wind turbines and solar equipment for sale on-line. Please see links below.


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