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Wind turbine installation on top of commercial building (30/08/11)

This is a installation case study of a wind turbine installation on the top of a large commercial building for the purposes of producing power for office lighting and PC's. We have selected a 1000 watt 12 Volt generator because it is a simple and powerful wind-charger/turbine with a top output rating of around 1400Watts @ 48Vdc.

This type of wind turbine is a basic permanent magnet (PMA) type and comes with no cover for the assembly and some of the connections onto the hub may require drilling out to suit the wind turbine generator body. Once assembled it is a robust wind turbine due to the strength of materials and basic structure. The turbine has a diameter of around 1.5M and the blades are made of a acrylic material for a light and robust lifetime finish. This turbine will harvest power in winds up to 35MPH and furl out of the wind in higher winds. When we put a Db meter within 5 meters of the wind turbine in winds of 30MPH the readings were +75Db from the blades cutting thought the air.

Installation pictures:

See the movie here:

Installation Schedule:


1 x Standard scaffold pole with couplers
1 x 1000 Watt wind turbine generator
1 x SEA4400 dump charge regulator
15M x 2 core SY 25mm cable
1 x 100Ah battery 12V
1 x 300 Watt 12V to 240V inverter
2 x 100A fuses


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