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All-in-one: A compact, easy to install, all-in-one air conditioning


All-in-one A compact, easy to install, all-in-one air conditioning solution for applications where a outdoor unit is not possible or not preferred. Ideal for office, high rise buildings, conservatory dwarf walls, hotels, homes and light commercial air conditioning applications. Heats and cools. 



The high performance EH0533 Wall Mounted Air Conditioning all in one unit with heating now features a high efficiency low temperature 1200 W PTC strip heater, so the unit will deliver a guaranteed level of heat whatever the ambient temperature. Other changes include an improved paint finish and a receiver port for the hard wired controller. This unit is suitable for high or low wall installations - no external unit required. The compact console style unit features a Reverse Cycle heat pump which enables year-round climate control and is also suitable for dwarf walls. With an energy efficient, high performance rotary compressor, built-in de humidification function, fixed louver, quiet operation and Twin Duct vent system. The Indoor Climate Control unit operates without requiring an external condenser or any refrigerant pipe work. The unit can be placed low level like a floor mounted system or high wall like a regular high wall air conditioner. Ideal applications are high rise premises, dwarf walls in conservatories, listed buildings, apartments, hotels and where building regulations restrict certain split air conditioning systems. 


Installing the EH0533 all in one air conditioner:

These systems are easy to install and do not need a F-gas professional installation. Simply put the installation template against the wall you intend to install the unit on, this must be a outside facing wall. The template gives you the position of where you need to drill the air inlet, condensate outlet and air outlet holes. The unit comes with a ducting kit to fit in the wall and louvers for outside wall. Once this stage is complete simply plug into a local fused spur or socket. There is no need for a dedicated electrical supply.

Products Key Features:


• Compact design 235mm deep
• Infra-red remote controller
• Multiple application
• Timer Function
• Self contained console Heat-pump
• Cooling, heating and dehumidification
• High wall and floor mounting application


Technical Information:


Colour: Silver/White
Dimensions (mm): 46.5x76.5x23.5
Weight (kg): 32
Cooling capacity (kW): 2.8
Cooling capacity(btu/h): 10000
Heating capacity(kW): 2.9+1.2
Heating capacity(btu/h): 10000+4000
Thermostatic control: yes
Fan speed settings (Fan only setting): 3
Control panel: yes
Remote control: yes
Timer (hours): 24
Dehumidifying capacity (litres/day max): 30
Operating temperatures (ēC): <35
Manually adjustable louvers: yes
Wall kit supplied: yes
Airflow volume (mŗ/h max): 320
Umbilical line length (metres)1.8
Exhaust hose length (metres): 0.3
Exhaust hose size ~ diameter (mm): 130
Noise level dB(A): <52
Refrigerant charge: R410a
Energy rating: 2.67
Input power ~ Cool (W): 1050
Input power ~ Heat (W): 1080
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50
Net weight (kg): 32.5
Gross weight (kg): 36.5
Indoor product dimensions (HxWxD cm): 46.5x76.5x23.5
Box dimensions (HxWxD cm): 55x94x32.5



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