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L'Unite compressor Tecumseh CAJ 4511Y R134A HBP

 L'Unite Hermetique

KM - R134a Fully Hermetically expansion valve operation 


To Cooling capacity (W) at To




15°C 15 ° C

7,2°C 7.2 ° C

5°C 5 ° C

0°C 0 ° C

-5°C -5 ° C

-10°C -10 ° C

-15°C -15 ° C

-20°C -20 ° C

(V) (V)

CAJ 4511Y CAJ 4511Y

4148 4148

3026 3026

2516 2516

2160 2160

1654 1654

1227 1227

878 878

- -

220-240V 50Hz 220-240V 50Hz


L'Unite compressor Tecumseh CAJ 4511Y R134A HBP


P abs: 1199 W P abs: 1199 W
Max. Betriebsstrom: 8,5 A Max Current: 8.5A
Anlaufstrom: 29,0 A Starting current: 29.0 A
Hubraum: 887 cm³ Displacement: 887 cc
Anschl. Conn. SL / DL : 15,9 /7,9 mm SL / DL: 15.9 / 7.9 mm

Leistungsdaten bei Umgebungstemperatur 35°C, Sauggasüberhitzung 11 K, Verflüssigungstemperatur 54,5°C Performance at ambient temperature 35 ° C, Superheat 11K, condensing temperature 54.5 ° C

We supply refrigeration compressors and air conditioning compressors world-wide including Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, Asia, Central and South America and Africa. World and European brands of compressors. Many units on popular gases such as R404, R134a, R22, R407c and R410a.

Click Here to see our full range, We also distribute the following range of refrigerant compressors gases:

 R404, R134a, R22, R407c, R407A, R410a and many more

Refrigeration Compressor world-wide / European Brands:



Aspera Compressor

Aspera Compressor


Copeland Compressor

Copeland Compressor


Cubigel Compressor

Cubigel Compressor


Danfoss Compressor

Danfoss Compressor


L'Unite Hermetique Compressor

L'Unite Hermetique Compressor




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