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How long do Vapac humidification cylinders last when used continuously?


                     How long do Vapac humidification  cylinders last when used all of the time

Maintenance of server room, steam room & spa humidification systems:

The Vapac replaceable cylinder will require changing at least once a year. It is advised to fit a filtration system or inhibitor coil to stop lime scale and debris forming within the cylinder. The pictures below show a new cylinder and a 12 month old cylinder. The build up of lime scale and debris within the plastic casing coats the anodes and reduces performance.  The Vapac has a intelligent controller which will tell the user when the cylinder needs changing by flashing a series of lights to inform the user that it requires changing. As you can see in the picture below the container starts to brown of and in some cases leak if not replaced.



Specification of Vapac Humidification Systems In This Range:


Performance Data LEP LE DV4
Application Commercial/Industrial Residential
Alphanumeric display option no
Voltage/phase 208-600/1 or 3 120-240/1
Capacity lbs/hr (kg/hr) 1-200 (0.5-90) 2-200 (1-90) 6-12 (3-6)
Control type SSR modulation on/off or modulating on/off
Turndown 8-100% 20-100% n/a
LED status indication standard standard standard
Vapanet Controller standard standard n/a





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