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Case Study of Air conditioning Heat-pump installation at Thorpe Arnold Village Hall (21/02/10)


Installation of Thorpe Arnold Village Hall air conditioning heat-pumps:

Orion air conditioning & refrigeration ltd were asked to look into the installation of a new church air conditioning heat-pump heating system for the Thorpe Arnold  for Eco Heat pump Wise. Thorpe Arnold Village Hall is a 19th century Building with a with around 120 meters/Squared of area that no existing heating system installed.

What air conditioning heat-pumps were installed in Thorpe Arnold Village Hall:

1 x  Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial SCM80-ZG Multi Inverter 4 x 2.5 kW room system

1 x Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK71ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (7.1kW 24000 Btu) inverter

1 x Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK63ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (6.3kW 21000 Btu) inverter Air Conditioning heat pump units which provided enough heat for the large prayer areas in the building. These units have a amazing COP (3.65 initial input on SRK63ZE-s1) which means that every 1000w of electrical energy going in produces 3650 watts of heat. For more information on heat-pump inverters please here.

Background of the Thorpe Arnold Village Hall air conditioning heat-pumps:

The village hall was quoted on various heating systems including wet systems such as radiators and oil fired boilers which came in almost three times the price of the Mitsubishi Heat-Pump air conditioning church units which where installed. The Mitsubishi heat-pump air conditioning systems provided a great value way of heating within a short space of time and with little cost and also reduces CO2 emissions.

Thorpe Arnold Village Hall air conditioning Heat-pump efficiency and CO2 emissions:

This village hall air conditioning heat-pump systems,  took around half a hour to heat fully but once warm the outdoor heat-pump inverter units slowed down because the temperature  had been reached therefore just pumping small amounts of heat in to maintain heat. The 500msq area was consuming 20 Amps/phase on 1phase 240V supply. This works out to be around 35p/hour to heat this area and reduced CO2 emissions by at least 40%.


Heat-pump installation criteria:

This Thorpe Arnold Village Hall air conditioning heat-pump installation was undertaken by lead engineer Arron Denton with assistance from installation engineer Craig Fogarty,  (both employed and trained by Orion).  All pipe and services were installed on the outside of the building on cable tray. The village hall air conditioning heat-pump units have a life span of around 15 to 25 years depending on their use.  Installation time 6 days.


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