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Daikin UATYQ rooftop packaged air conditioning 20Kw to 100Kw


The Daikin packaged rooftop UATYQ cooling and heating air conditioning system combines the economy and simplicity of split system technology with the flexibility of ducted air distribution. The compressor, evaporator and condenser units are combined into a fully integrated package which can supply efficient cooling or heating, all through conventional ducting and air grilles located throughout the building. It has a wide operating range, flat top unit design which allows maximum use of warehouse and container space. Easy to install ‘plug and play’ concept plus single installation configuration, no additional piping is required since indoor and outdoor sides are pre-connected. 


Daikin UATYQ convertible return and supply air: fan can be mounted in two directions and is factory pre-charged refrigerant ensures clean and efficient operation. Belt driven fan enables air volume and static pressure to be adjusted as required. Anti-corrosion treated coil. Supplied with high efficiency and reliable scroll compressors, optimized heat exchangers and high-performing fans, the rooftop UATYQ series are designed to ensure a high energy efficiency and reduced consumption.


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Key Product Features:

A wide capacity range (19.5kW to 105kW)   



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Daikin Applied Air Cooled Multi-scroll Chiller

Daikin Applied Air Cooled Multi-scroll Chiller


Daikin Air Conditioning Rooftop Packaged Units (Heat Pumps)

Daikin Air Conditioning Rooftop Packaged Units (Heat Pumps)




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