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The Importance Air Exchange in Buildings


Residential and commercial heat recovery ventilation systems complying with building regulations as well as providing up to 93% heat recovery and controlling the condensation levels.

Cross flow heat exchangers ensure no mixing of the stale air with the fresh air. Efficiency and comfort is ensured by the high-efficiency energy recovery central core which recovers energy from the indoor air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air without mixing airstreams.The heat exchanger also helps to remove unwanted humidity from air inside your home during winter, and removes the humidity from the outside air before it enters your home in the summer.




Room Air Environment in Buildings:


In Japan, the "Building Management Law", a law concerning the sanitary environment in buildings, designates 11 applications including offices, shops, and schools with a total floor area of 3,000m2 or more, as buildings. Law maintenance and ventilation, water supply, discharge management according to the Environmental Sanitation Management Standards is obligatory.  


Effect of Air Contamination in Buildings:


Dirtiness of interior, New ceilings, walls and ornaments will turn yellow from dust and tobacco smoke tar in 1 to 2 years.


Ventilation Standards:

The legal standards for ventilation differ according to each country. Please follow the standards set by your country. In the U.S., ASHRAE revised their standards in 1989 to become more strict. In Japan, regulations are set in the "The Building Standard Law of Japan Enforcement Ordinance", the so-called "Building Management Law" for securing a sanitary buildings environment. According to the "Building Standards Law", a minimum of 20 m3/h per occupant of ventilation air is required.


Comparing of Ventilation Methods:

There are two main types of ventilation methods.


Centralized Ventilation Method: Mainly used in large buildings, with the ventilation air intake being installed in one machine room. For this method, primary treatment of the ventilation air, such as energy recovery to the intake air and dust removal, is performed via distribution to the building by ducts.  

Independent Zoned Ventilation Method: Mainly used in small to medium sized buildings, with areas being ventilated using ventilation air intake via independent ventilation devices. The use of this method has recently increased as independent control is becoming more feasible.


Ventilation Products:



Daikin Total Heat Exchanger VAM / VKM

Lg Air Conditioning Eco V Heat Recovery Ventilator

Lg Eco V Heat Recovery Ventilator

Lg Eco V Heat Recovery Ventilator


Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Air Exchange Units

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Air Exchange Units


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Exchanger

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Exchanger


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