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After market Ioniser for air conditioning systems to clean and refresh the air



An air ionizer is a negative ion generator which makes air smell fresh. They are particularly good in air conditioning equipment because the air gets treated in many ways. We sell a retrofit device designed to be fitted to any air conditioning unit. It fits into any tight spot silently killing germs and bacteria while at the same time making the air smell fresh and clean. These units are capable of cleaning and refreshing an area of 35msq floor space. The Orionair IO220V High Output Air Ioniser Airborne Negative Ion Generator For HVAC and Ducts. Ideal for degrading odours, bacteria and airborne viruses.



Orionair IO220V Retro-fresh Air Conditioning and Duct Ioniser 110V-240V~50Hz


The Orionair IO220V Retro-fresh air conditioning ioniser is an easy fit solution for air conditioning systems, HVAC ducts or areas with stale air and re-occurring odour problems. It is designed to be fitted to any type of air conditioning unit including cassette, wall, floor, ceiling and ducts where 220V power is available. The black and red power cable is wired into terminals 1+2 on most air conditioning systems and the emitter point is fitted with a useful clip to fit onto a grille or screwed into a suitable fixing point. The IO220V ioniser will cover up to a 45 square meter area.


Key Product Features:


  • Increase the freshness feeling of the room by realising ozone

  • Eliminates smoke, pollen, dust, etc

  • Degrades bacteria and viruses






  •  Material: ABS plastic with Silicone Line

  • Type: Double-headed with bracket

  • Applicable Area: 20-45

  • Air Purifier Volume: 50m/h

  • Input voltage: AC 220V

  • Negative ion concentration: ≥424PCS/cm

  • Rated Power: ≤1W

  • Input Current: ≤20mA

  • Ozone Concentration: 0.05PPM

  • Working Temperature: -10degree Celsius~50degree Celsius

  • Working Humidity: 35%~85%

  • Storage Temperature: -20degree Celsius~50degree Celsius

  • Dimension: 27mm x 15mm x 18mm   /   1.06 x 0.59 x 0.71 inch





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