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Case Study Of Mitsubishi ZEN House Air Conditioning Heat pump Installation 24 April 2014

Orion air conditioning has completed the installation of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning heat pump ZEN units for a home air conditioning user. This installation review includes the installation of a 4 room multi air conditioning heat pump system designed for multiple occupancy building. The building was a modern house (under 12 months old) split on three levels with the intension of using the air conditioning system as a complete space cooling and heating solution. This gives the user the option of cooling in the summer while offering ultra efficient heating of the house when required.

Project Pictures


What air conditioning units were installed:

The client wanted high efficiency with a modern look for their end of terrace town house, the Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning  ZEN Inverter Heat Pump Wall Mounted units were a logical choice. The modern design and crisp black gloss finish of the Mitsubishi ZEN unit gives them the ability to fit seamlessly into a modern home, art gallery, office or any living space. Four rooms in the property were air conditioned including the clients living room, two bedrooms and a gym with all units fitting in eloquently into each area. The client required only one outdoor unit and as the ZEN units are part of the MS range of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning's range so a  10kW, MXZ-5D102VA outdoor condensing unit was installed to run all the indoor wall units.

Air conditioning efficiency, costing and CO2 emissions:

When considering air conditioning and heating it is worth considering  quality air conditioning manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric for trouble free heating and cooling. Cheaper air conditioning units do the job but lack control features that commercial air conditioning systems have as standard. For example a 24Hr/7day timer so when your office isn't occupied the air conditioning is not running costing you money. A 7 day timer is a worthwhile consideration with the price of electricity if you are heating or cooling a unoccupied area for 1 hour a day 5 days a week the cost will soon mount up. Generally if a 2.5 kW air conditioning heat pump was to be run at full power continuously for 10 hours/day it will cost in the region of UKŁ0.19/hour at current UK electricity costs (autumn 2013). Usually air conditioning will switch off once it has reached temperature and with new high COP inverter models this cost is almost halved to 0.095p/hour.

Inverter air conditioning units are recommended for daily usage

The latest air conditioning inverter heat pump system's are some of the most efficient ways to heat a area. It is also great for energy saving and CO2 footprint reduction where gas or oil is used. With electricity, gas and oil prices rising it is worth taking into account the C.O.P of a air conditioning heat pump units (efficiency), the higher it is the more efficient it is. If a unit has a C.O.P of 3.8, then this mean that it will create 3.8kW heat output from a electricity input of only 1kW.
The Mitsubishi Electric Super High COP Inverter Heat-pump Air Conditioning unit is supposed to cost just 0.16p to run for the whole day.

5% VAT for home installations

If you are a home user you will only have to pay 5% VAT on the entire installation. For commercial users claim a tax allowance via ECA program. This is limited to professional commercial systems and is well worth taking up as you will be able to write off the equipment & installation cost against tax owed. Take a look at the ECA web site for more information on the air conditioning ECA program.

The best equipment to purchase:

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