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Daikin Air Conditioning Ururu Sarara 7 Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Humidity Control, Ventilation and Ultimate Air Purification Unit


Quite simply the best of the best in air conditioning technology. The NEW Ururu Sarara 7 offers full environmental control from a wall mounted air conditioning unit. No other manufacture can offer this.


Daikin air conditioning introduce the new range of environmental control units the Ururu Sarara 7 with undoubtedly some of the most outstanding features available on a air conditioning unit. No other manufacture comes close to matching its advanced features and controls. The Ururu Sarara 7 filtration system is perfect for allergen suffers / medical environments as it incorporates two levels of high intensity electronic filtration. It removes pollutants, chemicals, allergens and odours in a two-stage process, using electronic methods of cleaning such as a thermal catalyst and flash streamer technology resulting in a cleaner, healthier conditioned air. The system can even eliminate cigarette or intense cooking odours while the final level of filtration breaks down possible remnants of viruses and moulds. The new design indoor unit is slightly larger than conventional air conditioning units as it packs in a lot of the filtration system but its elegant white glossy look and black angular side edging panel gives it a unique look.

Daikin air conditioning’s flagship split system the Ururu Sarara 7 incorporates advanced technologies to deliver superior comfort and efficiency when compared to conventional air conditioners, and is backed by Daikin’s reputation for quality, performance and reliability. With award winning design, advanced features that enhance performance and usability, and class-leading efficiency, Ururu Sarara 7 gives you the ultimate in indoor comfort.

Features which set the Daikin Ururu Sarara apart from any air conditioning unit

While conventional air conditioners can only heat or cool, Ururu Sarara 7 has four totally unique operations that give you ultimate control over your in home comfort.

Dehumidification: A humid room can feel muggy and uncomfortable, even
at moderate temperatures. Through the unique ‘Sarara’ dry operation, the humidity in the room is lowered whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature unlike conventional air conditioners that may over cool the space.

Humidification: Apart from leaving you feeling cold, dry air can also cause
sore throats or dry skin. With the Ururu Sarara 7’s ability to introduce humidity in the space, helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures.

Ventilation: Unlike a conventional air conditioner, Ururu Sarara 7 brings filtered outside air into your room, and can fill a 26 m2 room with filtered outside air in less than two hours. Furthermore, the incoming air is brought to the desired temperature for enhanced comfort. The air supply fan is located in the outdoor unit, which minimises indoor noise.

Purification: Ururu Sarara 7 removes pollutants, chemicals, allergens and odours in a two-stage process, using both a thermal catalyst and flash streamer technology, for cleaner, healthier air. And of course, Ururu Sarara 7 also delivers powerful, energy efficient air conditioning.

Natural Breeze Airflow: By randomly varying airflow and direction, Ururu Sarara 7 simulates the sensation of a natural breeze, for improved comfort without any loss of heating or cooling performance.

New R32 Refrigerant: With a lower global warming potential and a higher refrigeration potential than conventional refrigerants, R32 can deliver more efficient heating and cooling with less risk of harm to the environment. The first air conditioners to use R32 in Europe, the Ururu Sarara 7’s components have been specifically designed for superior performance and efficiency using the new refrigerant.

New R32 Refrigerant

Advanced Controller: Designed with the user in mind Ururu Sarara 7’s controller puts key functions in easy reach so you can heat, cool, humidify or dehumidify with a single press of a button. It even simplifies the decision making process, with an auto button that selects the appropriate operation mode based on your room’s ambient temperature. While Ururu Sarara 7 is packed with advanced features and cutting edge technology, it is also exceptionally easy to use thanks to it’s user-friendly wireless remote control. Now with glow in the dark buttons for easy night use.

              Ururu Sarara 7’s controller

The Powerful Dehumidification and Humidification Control

Powerful Dehumidification Control: High humidity, even at moderate temperatures can make a room feel muggy and uncomfortable. By managing humidity levels as well as temperature, Ururu Sarara 7 gives you precise control over every aspect of your in-home comfort. Ururu Sarara 7’s advanced dehumidification technology can also reduce humidity without changing room temperature by varying how much of the heat exchanger is used, making it an exceptionally energy efficient operation mode.

Advanced Humidification: Excessively dry air can leave you feeling cold regardless of temperature, and can contribute to the feeling of dry skin and sore throat, increasing the feeling of discomfort. With Ururu Sarara 7’s advanced humidification unit, you can increase the humidity in the air, helping room occupants feel warmer and more comfortable, and reducing discomfort from sore throats and dry skin. Unlike some other humidification systems, Ururu Sarara 7 uses a humidifying rotor to concentrate moisture from the outdoor air so there’s no need for an external water source, simplifying installation and eliminating the likelihood of water leaks.


D-Mobile puts your air conditioner's frequently used functions at your fingertips with an easy to use Smart Phone App

In conjunction with Daikin's BRP072A42 wireless LAN adaptor, the easy to use D-Mobile app lets you use your smart-phone or tablet to operate your Daikin wall mounted air conditioning unit via Wi-Fi or the internet.


Three Ways to Connect:

  • Direct Connection: For locations without a Wi-Fi network, the app can wirelessly connect directly to the wireless LAN adaptor equipped air conditioner, when in range.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: A wireless LAN adaptor equipped air conditioner can easily be joined to a local Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the system can be controlled from any networked Android or iOS device.
  • Internet Connection: Monitor and control your system from virtually anywhere, adjusting temperature and setting for a comfortable environment ready for when you arrive home. With no subscription costs from Daikin, all you need is a permanent internet connection for Wi-Fi network, and an internet connection for your phone or tablet.


View of The Daikin Air Conditioning's Ururu Sarara 7 In The Daikin Discovery Centre at Oostende Belgium





Now Available in Europe from 2015





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