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Daikin air conditioning FAQ100B wall mounted Inverter Heat Pump







Daikin air conditioners lead the industry with their energy savings and wide model range. This series offers you a flat panel design with high performances and great energy efficiency. These indoor units are extremely quiet in operation, the outdoor unit silent operation function brings you comfort by automatically lowering the operation sound of the outdoor unit with 3dB(A). If night set mode is automatically selected by pressing the off timer button. This function prevents any sudden change in room temperature by gently raising/lowering the temperature before the air conditioner stops, so you can sleep more comfortably.

 Product Key Feature's


  • Energy efficient units: up to class A energy labels
  • Can be installed in both new and existing buildings
  • Vertical auto swing moves the discharge flaps up and down for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room
  • 5 different discharge angles can be programmed via the remote control
  • Both horizontal flaps and front panel can easily be removed and washed
  • Maintenance operations can be performed from the front of the unit
  • The Sky Air inverter is developed for use in light commercial applications, provides a more comfortable environment and offers great savings in energy consumption to shop, restaurant and office owners
  • The use of inverter type outdoor units results in an air conditioning system with a high energy efficiency and very low sound level
  • An inverter driven compressor allows the capacity to be adjusted precisely to match variations in room and outside temperatures
  • During start up, the room can be cooled down or heated very quickly; once the temperature in the room has reached its set point, the low power operation starts to save energy.
  • Daikin outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can easily be mounted on a roof or terrace or simply placed against an outside wall
  • Outdoor units are fitted with either a swing or scroll compressor, renowned for low noise and high energy efficiency
  • A special acryl precoated fin for anti-corrosion treatment on the heat exchanger ensures greater resistance against severe weather conditions
  • Outdoor units for pair, twin, triple, double twin application

Product Technical Data

Product FAQ100BVV1B / RZQ100B9W1B
Cooling capacity Nom. kW 10.00 (3)
Heating capacity Nom. kW 11.20 (4)
Power input Cooling Nom. kW 2.780
  Heating Nom. kW 3.390
SEER 3.42
EER 3.60
COP 3.30
Energy label Cooling A
  Heating C
Annual energy consumption kWh 1,390
Piping connections Liquid OD mm 9.52
  Gas OD mm 15.9
  Drain OD mm 26
Notes Energy label: scale from A (most efficient) to G (less efficient)
  Annual energy consumption: based on average use of 500 running hours per year at full load (nominal conditions)
  Cooling: indoor temp. 27CDB, 19CWB; outdoor temp. 35CDB; equivalent piping length: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  Heating: indoor temp. 20CDB; outdoor temp. 7CDB, 6CWB; equivalent refrigerant piping: 7.5m; level difference: 0m


Productname FAQ100BVV1B
Casing Colour White
  Material Resin
Dimensions Unit Height mm 360
    Width mm 1,570
    Depth mm 200
Weight Unit kg 26.0
Fan Air flow rate Cooling High m/min 23.0
      Low m/min 19.0
    Heating High m/min 23.0
      Low m/min 19.0
Sound power level Cooling High dBA 61.0
    Low dBA 57.0
  Heating High dBA 61.0
    Low dBA 57.0
Sound pressure level Cooling High dBA 45.0
    Low dBA 41.0
  Heating High dBA 45.0
    Low dBA 41.0
Piping connections Liquid OD mm 9.52
  Gas OD mm 15.9
  Drain VP20 (I.D. 20/O.D. 26)
Standard Accessories Item Installation and operation manual
  Quantity 1
  Item Paper pattern for installation
  Item Insulation tape
  Item Insulation for fitting
  Item Installation panel
  Item Screws
Power supply Phase 1~
  Frequency Hz 50
  Voltage V 220-240
Notes The sound pressure level is measured via a microphone at 1m distance of the unit.
  Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. For more details, please refer to the sound level drawings.
  The sound power level is an absolute value indicating the power which a sound source generates.



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