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The best air conditioning units for a home office



If you are thinking about buying air conditioning for your home office here are a few tips on what might be the best for you

These days many of us work from home without the need to commute it has become the norm for so many small business people or consultants. These means working in a room in a house or outbuilding which may not even be heated. Air conditioning heat pumps are a single solution which will keep your home office air conditioned in summer and warm in winter. With a computer being an essential business tool the downside is the heat they give off and the failure to run when temperatures get to hot either halting work or reducing the processing speed of your computer system. Some home offices can be like mini server rooms with a number of computers, printers, faxes and even small server racks. 

As is expected a nice quiet air conditioning unit might be considered. Quality air conditioning units can be 25 Db and a quiet office 40 Db. This is a important factor to take into account as you may want to have your air conditioning running 24hrs a day to cool sensitive equipment. Some manufactures have made great efforts to reduce noise on the indoor air conditioning units while budget  air conditioning units such as portable air conditioning have a reputation for being noisy.

 Here are some tips

  • Choose a quiet system, 25Db when set on low fan speed mode is good enough

  • Do you require a heat pump unit for heating as well as cooling

  • If you are going to be in the home office for more than 8 hours a day choose a inverter air conditioning unit

  • Portable air conditioning units are good for cooling but tend to be noisy

  • A heat pump unit does not need to be a inverter model

  • Decided where is best to mount your outdoor air conditioning unit

  • If you buy a ECA listed air conditioning heat pump unit you will be able to claim a tax allowance for the cost of the system


Find the ideal location for your air conditioning indoor units where they will be as unobtrusive or not likely to be in the way.

Find a location for the outdoor air conditioning unit which will be out off the way such as on a wall or flat ground. Consider the route of the pipe services between indoor air conditioning unit and outdoor air conditioning unit.

The indoor air conditioning unit  will collect moister from the air and this will need to flow out either on a downward gradient or be pumped out using a mini-lime or likewise. Artist air conditioning units that double up as a picture frame are new to the UK market but are ideal for house air conditioning. Take a look at the LG Artcool range.

Choose a good brand for air conditioning a house as you have to live with it every day. It is the same with every household item, such as a car, television or oven.


Some of the best home office air conditioning units available

Daikin air conditioning ATX25JV wall mounted Inverter Heat Pump

Self install wall mounted air conditioning heat pumps

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRF-25ZJX-S (3.0 kW / 10000 Btu) HYPER Inverter Floor



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