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The Ampair 600 DC is used worldwide for its reliability in extreme remote-site conditions. The 24 and 48V regulators provide a wide range of performance data - essential for monitoring.

                    Ampair 600 Wind Turbine 24v / 48v / 240v 600W

Exceptional performance in both low and high winds with PowerFurltm pitch control technology allowing continued operation in high winds. Quiet operation due to the rigid blade design which prevents vibration and noise associated with ‘floppy’ blades. The  Ampair’s legendary marine grade build quality and four decades of continual innovation ensures the Ampair 600 durability. The Ampair 600 is the latest micro wind turbine from Ampair. It has a 1.7m diameter blade optimized for low and medium speed winds and incorporates the PowerFurl™ system which slows the turbine down in high winds, reducing noise and mounting system loads. It is available in two versions depending on whether the need is for high capacity 24 or 48 V battery charging or for 230V grid connection. It can be used on land or on larger vessels and is built to full marine grade specifications.

Battery charge


The Ampair 600 24v and 48v version is designed for charging high capacity 24/48V DC battery systems and must be installed in conjunction with the VW-50 regulator which includes the regulator; the dump load; rectifier; fuses; and heatsinks. 

Grid connect


The Ampair 600-230 is designed for connecting to 230V 50Hz grid systems. It is ordinarily connected on the client's side of the electrical utility supply meter and is ideally connected into the consumer unit (or fuse box). Electricity generated by the wind turbine is then used in preference to that supplied by the utility. If more electricity is required by the client then extra supply comes from the utility, and if more is generated than is consumed on site then the surplus is exported to the utility grid. The Ampair 600-230 must be installed in conjunction with the Ampair interconnect set which includes a G83 grid tie sine wave inverter; stop switches; overloads; power conditioning; and isolation.

Mounting options

The Ampair 600 system includes a range of mounting systems for land and marine use. The only marine mount that we recommend is the stern mount kit co-developed by Ampair and Scanstrut. On land the same stern mount can be used and we also offer a wide range of other

Technical Data:


 Turbine type

Three blade upwind generator

Swept area

2.2m2 (1.76m diameter 69”)



Cut in speed

1.5 m/s (3.3mph)


Cast aluminium body - marine grade fixings

Generator type

Permanent magnet, three phase, brushless generator

Voltage options

24v or 48v controller versions including am­meter, voltmeter, fuses, dumploads stopswitch, RS252/Ethernet & guyed towers.


Wide range of free standing and building integrated mountings

Survival wind speed

70m/s (136 knots) - 3 sec gust


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