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QuietRevolution QR5 Installed at Bedford College UK 2011


The Quietrevolution QR5 was designed in response to increasing demand for wind turbines that work well in the urban environment, where wind speeds are lower and wind directions change frequently. The elegant helical (twisted) design of the qr5 ensures a robust performance even in turbulent winds. It is also responsible for virtually eliminating noise and vibration. At five metres high and three metres in diameter, it is compact and easy to integrate, and with just one moving part, maintenance can be limited to an annual inspection. Clients include major retailers, developers, government departments, schools and universities. The Quietrevolution QR5 was recently installed at the Bedford college UK.


Turbine specification:


Rated power Peak power at 15.5m/s is 8.2kW aerodynamic, 7.1kW DC, 6.0kW Grid
BWEA rated power at 11m/s is 4.6kW aerodynamic, 3.3kW DC, 2.3kW Grid
(N.B. when comparing turbine ratings please ensure that the windspeeds are like for like. Alternative manufacturers may not quote at the BWEA rating windspeed, therefore comparisons should be made using the power curve)
Physical dimensions 5m high x 3.1m in diameter
Generator Direct drive, mechanically integrated, weather sealed permanent magnet generator
Power control Peak power tracking constantly optimises turbine output for all sites and windspeeds
Operation mode Max wind speed: 16m/s; Min wind speed: 5m/s; Cut out: 19m/s
Design life 25 years (annual inspections recommended)
Rotor construction Carbon fibre and epoxy resin blades and connection arms
Brake and shutdown Overspeed braking above 14m/s wind speed, auto shutdown in high wind speeds (above 16m/s)
Roof mounting 6m mast
Ground mounting 18m mast
Remote monitoring Event log can be accessed via PC. Remote monitoring stores operation, average wind speeds and kW hours of electricity generated
Warranty Two years on components
Approximate cost As each project is different please contact us for an outline budget quotation
Lead time 6 months

The minimum recommended average wind speed (AMWS) for a qr5 is 5.5m/s.

The energy output will vary according to the wind speed but is likely to up to 7,500kWh per annum depending on location.

According to the government building regulations, distributed generation in the UK will reduce CO2 emmisions by 0.568kg of CO2 per kWh.

We now have a huge range of wind turbines and solar equipment for sale on-line. Please see links below.


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