Industrial electric heaters
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Industrial Electric Heaters


Blue Giant Series FF3T Industrial Heater 3Kw / 12000Btu


Kroll E3 3kw 230v 1phase Electric Heater With Thermostat


5KW Industrial Space Heater


The Big Red Rad - 3kw Industrial Radiant Heater


Blue Giant Series FF13T Industrial Ducted Heater 13.9Kw / 42000Btu


Kroll E8 8kw 400v 3phase electric heater with thermostat


9KW Industrial Space Heater


Kroll E12 12kw 400v 3phase Electric Heater With Thermostat


Red Giant FF20T Industrial Heater

20Kw / 66000Btu


Kroll E18 18kw 400v 3phase Electric Heater With Thermostat




BGE Kinlux BG-C3003 Industrial Electric Fan Heater With Thermostat (30kW/100000Btu) 415V~50Hz     




With integrated room thermostat

The BGE Kinlux BG-C Series industrial electric heaters are designed for use in workshops, nurseries, showrooms, storage rooms, construction sites and containers, ideal for small to medium spaces. The BG-C3003 is perfect for heating large rooms where 3 phase is available. Both, economic and efficient with their integrated powerful fans, the heat is concentrated to the ambient air. The BG-C series of industrial electric heaters consume no oxygen and are absolutely odorless, thus being a considerable advantage when being used in poorly ventilated areas. IPX4 rating for use in damp areas. The heat output can be adjusted in three stages, fan only, 1/2 power and full heat.
The BG-C Series heat is dispensed efficiently to the ambient air by a powerful fan. The temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by the integrated thermostat. In summer, they can be used for ventilating rooms when used on fan only setting. All appliances are certificated to CE /GS /LVD /EMC /RoHS. The heating elements are enclosed in a stainless jacket and are thermally protected, the unit body is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet and the whole metal casing is powder coated against rust. The handle and feet are insulated in plastic.


Technical Specification:

Model Number  BG-C3003 
Outputs(watts) 70/15000/30000
Brand BGE Benlux
Model Size  
30kW / 100000Btu
EAN n/a
PNC n/a
Collection BG-C Fan 
Weight (Kg) 22.0
Dimentions Product (cm) 495*520*860
Volts/Hertz 380-415V~50HZ
Amps @ 415V 72
Fan Air Volume (M3/h) 1911
Standby Power (W) n/a
Power Cord Length (m) 1.6
Cord Type 3PhNE









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BGE Kinlux BG-C3003 Industrial Electric Fan Heater With Thermostat (30kW/100000Btu) 415V~50Hz



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